Tradeline Supply Company Review 2021: An Authorized User Tradeline Alternative

By Mark Huntley, J.D.

Real estate investor, lawyer, personal finance writer, and Co-Founder of Credit Knocks

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Summary: Tradeline Supply Company offers authorized user credit lines for purchase.  Find out if this new, credit-building strategy is right for you.

Tradeline Supply Company Review - Buy an Authorized User Credit Card

Tradeline Supply Company offers consumers access to a long list of credit cards, from which you may choose to be named as an authorized user.

By getting added as an authorized user, you'll "inherit" the payment history of the credit card, and boost YOUR credit score.  See our full authorized user review here.

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The best credit card tradelines have the largest credit limits and the longest credit history. 

With one purchase you can add that credit card's history and credit utilization to your credit report today.  

We make an indepth review of everything Tradeline and answer the question of, 'How much does a Tradeline cost?'

Quick & Easy To Apply Credit Building Tool


Increases revolving credit utilization and credit length


Least expensive Tradelines in the U.S. 


Once you have applied, you will have to wait up to 24 hours for approval


Excellent response times

    Credit Knocks Overall Star Rating:     

  • No credit check
  • One-time fee
  • Credit building tool
  • Reports to at least 2 of the 3 credit bureaus
  • Top Tradelines cost $$$
  • Can take up to 6 weeks to see on credit report


Tradeline Supply Company is the industry leader in buying or selling authorized user Tradelines. 

Authorized User Tradelines for sale can increase your credit score by positively affecting these major scoring categories:

  • your credit utilization ratio
  • payment history
  • and length of credit history

If you are trying to increase your credit score quickly, then Tradelines are probably your best chance of being successful. 

Who Is Tradeline Supply Company?

Tradeline Supply Company (TSC) may be the new face in town, but David Melnicoe, the CEO, has quickly become the new sheriff for the Tradeline Industry.

Tradeline supply company review authorized user for sale

Seeing an industry dogged by bad reviews and questionable business practices, he set out with the goal of treating customers professionally.

This simple business model has taken David from selling his own personal five Tradelines for sale on Craigslist to an office employing seven people in only four years.

They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which is a business watchdog that requires their members to abide by a strict code of business ethics. 

tradeline supply company better business bureau bbb accredited

According to the Tradeline Supply Co. CEO, when he started the company, you couldn't find a Tradeline for sale anywhere below $300.

Now, he regularly sells cheap Tradelines for $150 which has understandably tweaked some of his competitors.

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What Makes Them Different?

Tradeline Supply Company (TSC) offers the cheapest Tradelines for sale on the market.

How much does it cost to buy Tradelines?

They are regularly as much as ½ of the cost of some of their main competitors offering seasoned Tradelines starting as low as $150.

One of the ways they keep their costs down is by only selling Authorized Users for specific banks and credit card companies because, "10 % of the time it doesn't post properly," Melnicoe warned. 

This is because many of the banks do not properly report authorized users. "I refuse to sell Tradelines for Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, and US Bank," David said because they only have a, "50-75% success rate of posting to credit reports."

Tradeline Supply Company Review

TSC Avoids the Shady "Merging-Address" Request

The reason many of these banks do not report accurately is that the address of the authorized user does not match the address of the primary tradeline owner.

Many of Tradeline Supply Company's competitors use a trick called merging addresses to avoid this problem.

They ask their customers to add the primary Tradeline owner's address to their credit file addresses. 

This is a pretty shady practice that TSC does not participate in and recommends that Tradeline buyers avoid sellers who request you to add an address that is not yours to your credit file.  

tradeline supply company review credit_resolution_address_merge

One of Tradeline Supply Co.'s competitors explains the use of address merging in their FAQ's under the 'Soft Pull' section. 

Brief History Of Authorized User Tradelines

Authorized User Tradelines are an excellent way for some people to add some high-quality credit history to their credit file quickly. 

The Federal Reserve Board B in 1975 required Credit Card companies to add spouses to credit cards and report the credit card information to the credit bureaus for the authorized users as if it was their own.

Today, most credit card companies still follow this practice pretty closely, except they no longer ask your relationship status to the authorized user.

This has created an opportunity for people to sell their Tradelines to people who were not born into wealthy families and want the same advantages of someone born into a wealthy family.

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Increase Your Credit by 100+ Points

In a recent study at Credit Knocks, we found that *48% of clients who used a credit repair company got a credit score increase of 100+ points.

Consultation is quick, easy, and free.

Buying Tradelines Can Improve Your Credit Score 

Being added as an authorized user to a credit card will cause the lender to report that Tradeline's history to your credit file.

How much will a Tradeline boost my credit?

This can help people who have no or limited credit because their credit file is suddenly full of years of credit history.

Will a Tradeline help credit score?

Some people do not have access to someone who can add them as an authorized user to a prime credit card.

In a recent Survey conducted by Credit Knocks, we found  46.4% of authorized users had a 680 or higher credit score.

Now, you can purchase an authorized user Tradeline from companies like Tradeline Supply Company and not miss out on this great credit boost opportunity.

How Do Tradelines Improve My Credit Score?

Primary tradelines for sell work by adding another person's credit card history to your credit file.

This occurs when the primary credit card account owner adds you as an authorized user of the credit card.

The credit card company will report the credit history of the new Tradeline to the three major credit agencies for your credit file.

Instantly, you have a terrific new credit Tradeline!

In a recent study, we found that *48% of paying, credit repair clients got a 100+ credit score gain or more.   If you don't have serious time to devote to your dispute letters, we recommend you hire the pros to help.  Check out our #1 choice for professional credit repair. 

The three main categories that a Tradeline positively affects are the credit utilization ratio (aka amounts owed), payment history, and the length of credit history.

Your payment history and credit utilization ratio (amounts owed on revolving credit cards) can account for up to 65% of your FICO credit score, so it makes sense that Tradelines are so useful.  

Credit Score Components by Percentage

Once you purchase an authorized user Tradeline, it is placed on your credit file as an open account, and after two months the account is closed.

While the account is open, you will see an increase in your available revolving credit, which will increase your credit limit and give you a better credit utilization ratio.

These will all positively affect your credit score while the account is open for those two months. 

However, you should anticipate giving those credit score points back at the end of the 60 days once the account is closed and your credit utilization goes back to its original percentage.

This is good to keep in mind if you are looking to apply for a loan or a credit card that you did not qualify for before the Tradeline credit score increase.

You will need to time your application during that two-month window to maximize your credit score and to qualify for the lowest interest rates.

But here's the best part…

All of the perfect payment history and the length of credit history that was added to your credit file will still be there after the account is closed.

This is the real advantage of Tradelines, especially for people with limited to no credit because you can go from nothing to perfect and lengthy credit history, literally overnight.

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Are Tradelines Legal?

Yes, they are 100% legal and are not fraudulent.

We get asked all the time, 'is it legal to buy Tradelines?'

In fact, in a recent study on Piggybacking Credit conducted by the Federal Reserve Board, they discovered that credit card accounts that have an Authorized User account are much more likely to NOT be delinquent on payments.

It is assumed that this causes the primary Tradeline account owner to act more responsibly because their credit card use and payment history will reflect on the authorized user's credit history.

And a good reason for credit card companies to not worry too much about authorized users. 

Tradeline Supply Company Authorized User Tradelines For Sale

Do White Wealthy Elitists Think That Tradelines Are Illegal and Fraudulent?

Occasionally, you will read an article written by someone completely out of touch with society discussing the Tradeline industry.

Their usual gripe is that it should be illegal or fraudulent to buy Tradelines.

But consider this scenario…

One of these wealthy elitists will have a child and add them as an authorized user to their Centurion American Express Credit Card (rumored to have no credit limit and the most prestigious credit card in the world) at a young age.

Rich person's child will start the adult world at 18 with an 800 credit score.

They will qualify for super-prime interest rates and have many financial advantages over their peers before ever working five minutes in their life (possibly, they never actually work in their entire life).

This same wealthy elitist screams' Fraud' and 'Illegal' when someone who was not born into a wealthy family has to pay another enterprising rich person for them to add them onto their credit card as an authorized user.

Tradelines are the product of disproportionate economics with people less fortunate seeking to level the credit score playing field. 

One of the ways that they can do this is by buying Tradelines their family is unable to give them for free.

Seeking a better life any legal way possible is the American Dream.

Tradelines are just one of those stepping stones to better credit and access to a financial system that sometimes acts like its for members only.

How would it be illegal to take advantage of something that someone born wealthy gets for free?

The real outrage is that you have to pay for this at all, but the disparity in classes always puts the highest cost on those who can afford it the least.

How To Choose A Tradeline 

There are two categories to choose from that will affect the cost of buying a Tradeline.

The first is the credit limit, which is the maximum amount of money someone can charge on their credit card.

The second category to consider is the length of credit history, which is the weird way the credit industry tries to say how long the credit card account has been opened.

Your credit score can be positively affected by both, but choosing which is the best Tradeline for you will depend on two key factors:

  • The history in your credit file
  • The main reason you want to buy the Tradeline

There are two sorts of consumers that consider purchasing a Tradeline.

The first person that would benefit from purchasing a couple of seasoned tradelines is someone with limited or no credit.

Purchasing multiple tradelines with long credit histories makes a lot of sense because the credit file will be filled with perfect payments and good credit history.

Have you heard the stories of people's credit scores increasing 100 or 200+ points from purchasing a Tradeline?

Every story that I have seen huge credit score jumps of 100 to 200+ points occurred to people who had no credit or limited credit.

This is because people with bad credit have a lot more negative reports to overcome than someone who has just started building credit.

If you have no credit or limited credit then choosing a Tradeline with a long credit history will make the biggest impact on your credit score.

That is not to say that someone with bad credit can't see a considerable credit score increase.

However, it will depend on the history in your credit file and the Tradelines that you choose.

People with bad credit generally have a lot of late payments and delinquencies on their credit file.

By purchasing Seasoned Tradelines with long credit histories, you can add multiple years of perfect payment history to your credit report.

Sometimes this is referred to diluting your payment history, which I think is a perfect name.

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Increase Your Credit by 100+ Points

In a recent study at Credit Knocks, we found that *48% of clients who used a credit repair company got a credit score increase of 100+ points.

Consultation is quick, easy, and free.

Example of Diluting Your Payment History

Imagine a scenario where Coca-Cola represents late payments and water represents new Tradelines.

Now, picture half a glass of Coca-Cola (late payments) which represents your current credit file of delinquencies.

What if we were to fill the glass up with nice clear Tradeline representing water?

Then your glass of Coca-Cola would sort of clear up, and you'd be able to possibly even see through it.

Diluted Coke Like Diluting Payment History

That is kind of what happens when you add a new Tradeline to your credit file, it dilutes the negative payment history percentage which will help increase your credit score. 

Wanna Know the Easy Way to Repair Your Credit?

In a recent study, we found that *48% of paying, credit repair clients got a 100+ credit score gain or more.   Get help from the pros! ​Check out our #1 choice for professional credit repair.

Why You Should Want To Buy A Tradeline

People buy Tradelines for many different reasons and goals.

The reason that you are buying a Seasoned Tradeline will greatly affect which one is best for you.

For instance, a large number of Tradeline purchasers want to obtain a loan or a credit card and want to quickly increase their credit score to qualify or get a better rate.

This can be done if you focus on applying for the loan or credit card during the two month period that the Tradeline will show on your credit file as an open account.

During that period, your credit utilization will be at the highest level, which should impact your credit score the greatest.

Caution Credit Knocks

Two Main Reasons People Buy Tradelines:

1) Quick credit score increase for a better chance at loan or credit card approval

2) To build their credit file by adding credit history

If this is the intended goal than purchasing a high credit limit tradeline (20k+)  and two Tradelines with 10+ years of perfect payment history makes a lot of sense.

The high limit card will bump your credit utilization ratio up quite a bit while the other two Tradelines will help dilute the old late payments in your credit file. 

If you are buying a Tradeline to increase your credit score overall with no specific goals in mind than I'd suggest you focus on a couple of Tradelines with a long credit history.

Since you are not trying to time a loan application to hit the window when your credit score could be the greatest, focusing on Tradelines that will help your credit file for the long term is the best bet.

Why Does Tradeline Supply Co Have Negative Reviews?

Update: 3/13/2020

Tradeline Supply now reports that the negative reviews suddenly stopped when the Federal Government shutdown the company they suspected was behind the despicable campaign. 

All of the negative reviews have been removed from Trust Pilot but not from Google Reviews.

In my talk with Mr. Melnicoe, I asked about some of the negative reviews his company has online.

He explained that in 2019, someone (most likely in the industry) started a sustained negative fake review campaign against Tradeline Supply Company.

David says, "It seems like we get one or two negative fake reviews almost every day on sites like Google, Site Jabber , and Trust Pilot."

Tradeline Supply Company Review

This orchestrated spam campaign has required Melnicoe and his company to shut down reviews on their Facebook page and to take regular action against the fraudulent reviews.

'We are constantly contacting Google and other sites to dispute these fake reviews. Many of the reviews complain about services we don't even provide, and we have no record of the reviewer ever even being a client.'

David goes on to say, "Every business, no matter how great it may be, is bound to get negative reviews from time to time. It's a fact of life that it is simply not possible to please everyone.

We do our best to provide consumers with all the information they need to make the correct decision when it comes to buying tradelines."

I pressed David more about their internal policies regarding customer complaints and he basically told me they will move hell or high water to satisfy their customers. 

If you make an unbiased review of the complaints, it doesn't take very long to realize that they are obviously fake and orchestrated. 

You can read more of the details about his ongoing war against the 'Fake Negative Reviews' on the Tradeline Supply Company website.

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What's The Difference Between a Tradeline and Updated Tradeline?

What is a Tradeline?

A Tradeline is simply an account that appears on your credit report.

What does Updated Tradeline mean?

I’m sorry but this definition is not going to surprise you…

The Updated Tradeline meaning is when a lender or furnisher sends additional updated information to a credit bureau about one of your existing Tradelines.

For instance, when you make a payment on your automobile loan the lender will send an update to the credit bureaus letting them know you made an on-time payment and to adjust you're balanced owed to a lower amount. 

Boom... You just got an “Updated Tradeline”! 

This has become confusing because the credit monitoring services  regularly send alerts to view an updated tradeline on credit reports.

I know, not as exciting as you had thought, but this is because you may be thinking...

Tradeline Supply Company Updated Tradeline Tradelines

I thought a Tradeline had something to do with an Authorized User?

Well, it does, if you are talking about buying a Tradeline.

Here’s the deal…

For some reason, the industry that sells Authorized User opportunities has chosen to call their product, Tradelines.

You can purchase an Authorized User Tradeline from a company like Tradeline Supply Company to instantly increase your payment history and credit history.  

How To Make Easy Money Online Selling Tradelines 

  • Do you have a couple of Tradelines aka credit cards in your wallet?
  • Do they have perfect payment history?
  • Can you keep utilize 15% or less of the credit limit at all times?

If so, you may be able to make easy money online selling tradelines by adding authorized users onto your credit card for a nice monthly income.

How Much Can I Make Selling Tradelines?

Tradeline Supply Company pays its 'Credit Partners' (Selling Tradelines) on a sliding scale based on the credit length of the account and the credit limit on the card.

Someone with a new credit card and low credit limit can get paid $35 every two months for each authorized user they put on their credit card.

Someone with a card that has a long credit history and that has been opened 15+ years can be paid as much as $350 per authorized user added to their card.

Cards with large credit limits in the 20K range or more also pay the top rate of $350 per authorized user added.

Tradeline Supply Company limits the number of authorized users they will allow you to sell per credit card, generally to two or three.

This means if you have a credit card with a long credit history or a large credit limit, you could get paid as much as $1,050 every two months.

3 Authorized Users (AU) x $350 per AU = $1,050

And, all you would have to do is add and remove three authorized users to your credit card every two months.

Imagine if you had five credit cards with a long credit history or a large credit limit, you could potentially make over 5K for adding 15 authorized users every two months.

That is over $30,000 a year if you only have five credit cards!

David said that many of his Credit Partners tell him Tradeline Supply Company, "Pays their monthly mortgage."

There are 100's of ways to make extra money, and selling Tradelines is just one of them. 

Speak with Tradeline Supply Company to find out how you can become a 'Credit Partner' and sell your Tradelines today!

Tradeline Supply Company Pros & Cons


  • No credit check
  • One-time fee
  • Credit building tool
  • Reports to at least 2 of the 3 credit bureaus


  • Top Tradelines cost $$$
  • Can take up to 6 weeks to see on credit report

How Do I Cancel My Tradeline Order?

At this time, Tradeline Supply Company does not have an official 'Cancellation Policy' posted.

However, I reached out to David Melnicoe, CEO of Tradeline Supply Company, and he told me, "if anyone wants to cancel their order, so long as we have not added them to the credit card, it's no problem to issue a refund."

This means that there is a short window, a few hours to possibly a day or two, from the time when you order to the time when you can cancel your order.

Is There A Fee For Closing My Account?

There is no fee for canceling your order as long as you do it in time.

According to Melnicoe, they will issue you a full refund if you cancel before they add you to the Tradeline that you selected.

Alternatives To Tradelines 

While Tradelines can be an excellent purchase for a quick credit score boost or to add perfect payment history to your credit file, they do not help you continue to build credit after they are purchased.

Tradelines work great in conjunction with other credit building tools such as Secured Credit Cards and Credit Builder Loans.

Secured Credit Cards

If you have bad credit, no credit, or limited credit, you probably will not qualify for a traditional credit card.

Possibly the whole purpose of you purchasing a Tradeline is so that you can qualify for a traditional credit card?

But, that is not necessary because you can get a Secured Credit Card with no credit check by depositing money with the credit card company as collateral.

They will then issue you a regular looking credit card that will work as a traditional credit card and start to build your credit.

You can learn more about Secured Credit Cards here

Credit Builder Loans

An effective credit builder for people with no credit or limited credit is Credit Builder Loans.

Unlike a traditional loan where you'd receive the money up front, the lender holds your payments in a CD or bank account until you make all of your payments.

At which time the proceeds of the loan are sent to you in one big lump sum.

They are great for building credit because there is no credit check and the loan type will add to your credit mix to help increase your credit score.

Fun Fact

Credit Builder Loans have been available for many years. But only recently have they become available to purchase online nationwide. 

To learn more about Credit Builder Loans, click here. 

Taking Action On Your Credit

Hopefully, you found this Tradeline Supply Company Review helpful because Tradelines are a great option to help build or rebuild your credit.

There is no better time than now to get things started and the sooner you get your accounts, the faster it will hit your report and start helping you.  

Start building your credit today with a Tradeline Supply Company!  Click here to get started.

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