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The Start Of My Credit Journey To A 700 Credit Score

By Mark Huntley, J.D.

Real estate investor, lawyer, personal finance writer, and Co-Founder of Credit Knocks

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The Start Of My Credit Journey To A 700 Credit Score

All of us at Credit Knocks have our own story of why we are so passionate to help  people with subprime credit scores.   

What put me on the start of my credit journey to a 700 credit score was that I lost over a million dollars in real estate assets in the late 2000s when the savings and loans market collapsed.

Journey to 700 credit score hub

Along with the economy, my credit score collapsed too.

And it's taken me 10 years to get to a point where I can do something to improve it.   

In the past decade, I have experienced every embarrassing and humiliating financial denial from credit cards, apartments, auto loans to even being denied a cellphone on credit.   

But that's all about to change...

Because I'm finally going to take action. 

Starting today, I'm embarking on my credit journey to a 700 credit score.    I'll be following the 90 Day Credit Sprint as my guide.

And here's my promise:

I will chronicle every step of the way on this site.  Every month, I will post at least one article covering the exact steps I take to improve my credit until I reach a 700 credit score, regardless if my score goes up or down.   

My Credit Journey to a 700 Credit Score Hub Page  

To make it easy for you to follow my credit Journey to 700, I am making this my Hub page.   

All you need to do is bookmark this page and check for new articles linked below.   

By following my Journey, you will see how each credit building tool I implement affects my credit score and what my experience was with the product or strategy.   

Don't forget to bookmark this page and check back often to read the latest!  

My Current Credit Score  

We decided that we would start the 90-day credit sprint plan on January 27th, 2019.

 As for now, my credit score is 475.   

Understand, credit scores range from 300 to 850, and I have a credit score of 475 which is considered poor credit, bad credit, or subprime credit.

Either one you want to call it, it definitely is NOT GOOD CREDIT! 

I am monitoring my credit through MyFico the same people who produce the FICO score and have the most comprehensive credit monitoring available online.   

Journey To A 700 Credit Score

My Plan

Here's the great news...  

I have a plan that I know works!   

My fellow co-founders, Sa and Chris, have excellent credit and we have developed the 90 Day Credit Sprint Plan to help people with no credit, limited credit, poor credit, bankruptcy, bad credit, or any synonym for bad with credit on the end.

The Credit Sprint is a three step plan that was written specifically to help people with subprime (300 - 400 - 500 - 600 - 650 -700) credit scores  increase their score.

Plus it has catchy names that kind of fit the action you are suppose to take!

Whether you have a 650 credit score, 600 credit score, or even a 500 credit score, these building tools were chosen with people who have poor credit in mind.    

You can learn about the 3 step plan here.

Traditionally, when you look at the most popular 'Karma' and 'Wallet' sites, the information and products offered are for people with good to excellent credit or at least, 700 or above. 

They are not targeted for people like me and if I followed their advice it would end up hurting my credit score more because it is not good advice for people with no credit or bad credit.

... But not at Credit Knocks!

90 Day Credit Sprint for Bad Credit

The products we recommend are affordable, and either have no credit check (because come on, I'm not qualifying for much) or they have loan programs set up for people like me to qualify for (such as Fingerhut).   

What I like about the 90 Day Credit Sprint Plan is that it is very logical and an easy to follow three step process.   

The first step I should take is review my credit history at all three of the major credit bureaus and dispute any inaccuracies in my records.   

I will also begin to pay down my credit cards and try and keep my balances as low as possible.   

In the second step, I will add some new positive lines of credit that have no credit check or have a program for people with no credit, limited credit, poor credit, or bad credit.   

Something to keep in mind is that the most important action you can take to improve your credit is to make all of your payments on time which I will be sure to do.   

The last step will be to monitor my credit score and protect it.   

Your credit score is the single most vital financial asset you own, protect it with all you have!   

 A Word of Caution...

I need to tell you something very important...

I am not going to follow the three steps in the exact order they are listed.   

A long time ago, I learned from tent camping that it is OK to be flexible and adjust to each situation. 

I'm not sure it matters but we'll find out, my plan is to do all three in my own way.  

For instance, I know reviewing and disputing my credit records is going to take a bit more time than some of the later steps.  

So, like any good procrastinator, I'm going to put off the hardest thing first and do this in the second month.

I also know that I can get a Credit Builder Loan from Self Lender online in under 5 minutes so that will probably be the first thing I do.   

Understand, Sa and Chris (fellow Credit Knocks Co-Founders) are very organized and orderly, and they laid out the steps in what makes the most logical sense.   

I, on the other hand, want to do the ones that take the least amount of my time first.  So, if you are like me, you can follow in the order I complete them, either way, remember to complete all three phases.   

Here at Credit Knocks, we like to say that we are here to help people...  


The three steps can be completed at your own pace.  Don't get caught up in the speed in which I attack improving my credit score because I plan on...  


Take Action!

You can take this Journey with me.   

Improving and maintaining your credit is a lifelong commitment that only gets harder the longer you put it off.   

There are many steps you can take that can significantly improve your credit with minimal effort or money on your part.   

A free step you can take right off the bat is to review and dispute your credit records.   

Or, be like me and sign up for a Self Lender Loan online because there is no credit check, it should take about 5 minutes, and it costs less than $20 to open the account.   

You can learn more about the 3 step Credit Sprint here.

Regardless where you decide to start, there are a lot of excellent credit building products I plan on reviewing for people with no credit, limited credit, or bad credit, during my Credit Journey to a 700 credit score.  

Bookmark this page and let's do this together!!!

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