3 Easy Steps to Remove MediCredit Collections from Your Credit Report

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How to Remove MediCredit from Your Credit Report

Summary:  Follow this simple, 3-step plan to remove MediCredit collections from your credit report fast.

You’re having a perfectly nice day until you go to your mailbox and you find a letter waiting. You open it only to discover you have a notice from MediCredit Inc.

You check your phone to find they left you two voicemails as well.

You realize this is a collection notice!

This can be a scary moment.  But before you hit the panic button, let’s put together a quick action plan to help you deal with MediCredit.

There are a few surprisingly simple and proven steps you can take to stop their calls and get this collection removed from your credit report.

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What is MediCredit?

MediCredit is, first and foremost, a debt collection agency.  Their sole purpose is to collect money from you on an outstanding debt.

Their official name is MediCredit Inc., and they’re owned by the Outsource Group. 

But as the name implies: 

Medicredit collects debts for doctors' offices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.

These types of medical companies use agencies like MediCredit to collect outstanding money.

Why is MediCredit Contacting Me?

If you’ve received a letter and phone calls from MediCredit Inc., then they’ve received information stating you have an outstanding debt.

With more people struggling to pay their medical debts, companies like this are only going to continue to use whatever means necessary to get in contact with you.

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3 Steps to Take Now to Remove MediCredit from Your Report

Chances are if you’re reading this, you want to know what you can do now to get this issue resolved.

Here are the do-it-yourself steps...

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1. Verify the Debt

Your first step in getting the MediCredit removed from your report is to verify the debt they have on record is actually yours and the date they have on file.

Like many other companies we have to deal with, a debt collector can have inaccurate information.

The most important step you can take is to verify the debt as soon as you receive the first contact from MediCredit. You can find the ways to get in touch with them on medicreditcorp.com. You have 30 days from the first communication to take action.

Your best bet is to communicate with any collection agency is via certified mail. You’ll want to keep track of everything in writing.

Quick Tip:

Verify your debt EVEN if you suspect the debt is yours.  Often times, collections agencies are unable to verify the debt, and must immediately stop their calls and remove your debt from your credit report.

To verify the debt, you’ll need to submit a Section 609 A Form. Don’t worry! It may sound intimidating but there’s a simple template you can follow with this debt validation form.

Not only are you looking for a validation the debt belongs to you, but you’re also confirming the date of the debt.

Like many laws in this country, there’s a limit to the amount of time a debt collector can come after you for a debt.  Each state is different, but most likely it’s around 7 years.

You don’t have to be an attorney to find out the statute of limitations for your state. If you’ve watched a few episodes of Law & Order then you’re more than prepared.

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If you find out your debt is past the time period, then it has to be removed.

The bottom line: if MediCredit can’t verify this is your debt within 30 days of receiving your form or the date, then legally it has to be deleted.

2. Negotiate for a Delete

Let’s say MediCredit has confirmed the debt is yours. Or maybe you were late in getting your debt validation form in the allotted time so now your window has closed.

What other options do you have?

The next step is to work with MediCredit to get your debt deleted - and you’ll need to be prepared to pay for this delete.

This is also known as a "delete agreement" or a "pay-for-delete" agreement.

You can try to negotiate with MediCredit to pay off the debt to have it permanently removed from your credit reports. 

You’re essentially offering a settlement. Offer an amount of the debt which you are comfortable paying and negotiate from there.

Quick Note:

While a "pay-for-delete" agreement removes your debt record from your credit reports, it may not erase the "charge off" your original creditor reported on you.

Get Everything in Writing

Again, get everything in writing with MediCredit. You want MediCredit to confirm they will not report your information to any of the 3 credit bureaus.

Be very specific in your emails with MediCredit. Leave nothing to guess.

Remember, you’re paying for total removal from your credit report.  Not just a mark which states this debt has been paid.  But an actual delete - as in, it’s gone forever.

Once you settle on an amount, you’ll need to make the payment. MediCredit will not delete anything unless the payment has been received.

After 30 days, verify your credit report and confirm the entry has been removed. If the debt is still on your report, your copies of your initial request along with receipts of the certified mail will be your best recourse. You’ll need to continue to contact MediCredit until the entry is removed.

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3. Seek Professional Help to Repair Your Report

There may be several areas of your life you could use a little extra help. Credit repair is one of those.

If you’ve tried the steps above and haven’t had any luck, or if you don’t want to deal with MediCredit Inc. on your own, there are professionals who can help you.

You need a company who can help you make sure your information is repaired with all 3 credit bureaus.

You’ll see a lot of info out there for credit repair.  But we highly recommend contacting the team at our top rated credit repair company. They have years of experience with helping consumers repair their credit, offer an industry-leading lowest monthly cost, and a money-back guarantee!

Stop Calls from MediCredit and Start the Repair

Don’t let dealing with MediCredit ruin your day. You have your very own resources you can use to get this debt deleted. Once you take these steps, you’ll be able to defend your credit report and move on.

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Stop Harassing Calls Now! 

In a recent study at Credit Knocks, we found that *48% of clients who used a credit repair company got a credit score increase of 100+ points.

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