How to Remove National Credit Systems from Your Credit Report

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By Amy Beardsley

Last updated 5/20/2020

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Summary: Is a collection account from National Credit Systems dragging your credit score down? Use the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to your advantage and follow these 3 steps to help improve your credit history.

Having a company you don’t know contact you and ask for money is more than just uncomfortable. It’s scary!

Just think about the damage a collection account can do to your credit score. 


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But don’t panic. Debt collectors like National Credit Systems (NCS) can be dealt with. 

That’s right.

You can get National Credit Systems Inc removed from your credit report.

And when that happens?

Your credit score could recover, and you get a new lease on life.


Let’s walk through some of your options to kick the past-due debt to the curb.

Who is National Credit Systems and Are They Legit?

National Credit Systems, Inc. is a collection agency headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company specializes in recovering money owed to apartment owners and managers.

It’s a legit company that’s been in business since 1991.

If you moved out before your lease was up and owe an early termination fee that you didn’t pay, you might get a call from NCS.

Negative items on your credit file?  Our 609 credit dispute letters may be able to help get them removed.

They’re one of the biggest debt collectors serving apartment owners and managers, and the company claims to have collected more than any other company in the U.S.

Beware of Unfair Practices from National Credit Systems Inc

A word of caution before we dive into the best way to remove the collection account from your credit report:

NCS won’t make it easy. 

Several complaints have been filed from people trying to negotiate with them. 

The company was even sued in 2017 for unfair debt collection practices!

The court document states the collection letter they sent to consumers was “false, misleading and confusing to the unsophisticated consumer.”

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And that directly violates your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Plus, the debt was time-barred.

That means the debt was so old that the statute of limitations kicked in and said the balance was no longer owed.

As you can see, National Credit Systems Inc is more challenging to deal with than the average debt collector.

You may want to turn to the pros for help right away. Contact our #1 recommended credit repair company and relax while they take care of it.

But if you want to tackle it yourself, that’s okay, too.

Here’s how.

How to Remove National Credit Systems From Your Credit Report in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Get Verification of the Debt

Improving your credit score takes a little patience - it won’t happen overnight.

The first step is to ask National Credit Systems to validate your debt. This is your way of getting NCS to prove the debt belongs to you.

What if they don’t have proof?

The Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) can help.

The law says debt collectors must ask all three major credit bureaus to remove the past-due account from your credit report if they can’t verify that you owe the debt.

That means a debt verification letter is your way out!

Did you know?

48% of credit repair customers saw a 100 point or more credit score increase after 6 months. 

U.S. Credit Repair Survey (Oct '19) 

But here’s the catch.

You only have 30 days to make the request, so don’t put it off.

You could call the company at 800-367-1050, but we don’t recommend that. Instead, send them a letter. That way, you have proof - in writing! - that you made the request.

We make it easy on you by letting you download a free debt verification letter template

It’s also called a Section 609 Letter, and you mail it to this address:

National Credit Systems, Inc.

P.O. Box 312125

Atlanta, GA 31131

Pro tip: Only communicate with NCS in writing and send all letters using certified mail with return receipt requested.

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Step 2: Make NCS Double-Check Their Records

Here’s the deal.

Collection agencies like National Credit Systems rely on an automated system to validate your debt.

That means there was almost zero human involvement to prove the debt is yours.

Just because a computer says you owe the balance doesn’t mean the evidence is there to support it.

What if you challenged the automated system?

This is a second attempt at validating the debt, and it uses a “method of verification” letter.

Basically, you’re making NCS double-check their records and prove they used the proper channels and have solid proof that connects you to the debt.

Because if they can’t prove it, you know what that means:

National Credit Systems Inc,

The company must remove the debt from your credit report, and you’re off the hook.

Pro tip: Sending a method of verification letter seems redundant - but it’s worth the extra step if you want to repair your credit.

Step 3: Settle with a National Credit Systems Pay for Delete Agreement

There’s a slim chance the debt NCS is trying to collect isn’t yours. Collections companies can make mistakes.

But most likely?

The debt is yours.

If NCS sends you verification that you owe the past-due balance, your next option is to negotiate a settlement using pay for delete.

A pay for delete agreement is exactly what it sounds like:

The company agrees to delete the negative remarks from your credit report if you pay a certain amount.

Others who have negotiated with NCS say it takes about 30 days for the collection account to come off your credit report. 

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However, it’s worth the wait since you could see your credit score increase to 150 points, according to Credit Glory.

So send NCS a pay for delete letter right away to get your credit score moving in the right direction.

Pro tip: They will probably tell you they don’t offer pay for delete agreements or settle for less than you owe, but they do. This is the biggest reason you should only communicate in writing using certified mail - you have proof.

You're Not Alone

No one likes to see a collections account on their credit report.

You might think paying off the debt is the easiest way to get rid of it.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Paid collection accounts can still show up on your credit report. Since the goal is to remove National Credit Systems from your credit report, you need to take a few extra steps.

But it’s possible.

So take a deep breath and remember that you’re not a slave to your debt. And if you get stuck, reach out to our #1 recommended credit repair company for help.

*Study found 48% of professional credit repair clients who stuck with their service for 6+ months saw an average of 100+ points to their credit score.  Source.

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