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Is Community Tax Services Legit? Yelp, BBB, & Glassdoor Reviews

By Expert Contributor

Contracted writer for Credit Knocks.

Advertiser Disclaimer - Some links on this page may pay us advertising fees.

Is Community Tax Services Legit? Find Out With Yelp, BBB & Glassdoor Reviews

Advertiser Disclaimer - Some links on this page may pay us advertising fees.

Summary:  ​​We read hundreds of reviews from Yelp, BBB, and Glassdoor to answer one question: Is Community Tax Services legit? Find out now.

You already know tax relief can help if you owe money to the IRS. But it’s hard to know who to trust. If you’ve looked into the best tax debt relief companies, you’ve likely stumbled across Community Tax Services.

You’re asking yourself if they’re really legit.

With so many tax scams out there, you’ve got to be careful with who you trust.

But you know what?

Community Tax Relief Reviews Services are the real deal.

Community Tax Services Ratings in Yelp BBB and Glassdoor

Besides the great reviews they’ve gotten from clients, they offer additional services beyond tax debt relief.

If you’re trying to pick a tax debt relief company, here are a few reasons we recommend Community Tax:

  • A+ rating by the BBB
  • 4.5 stars on Trustpilot
  • Personalized negotiations with the IRS
  • Experienced tax attorneys on staff
  • $700 million in tax debt resolved

But don’t just take our word for it.

To help you find out if you can really trust them, we went out and dug up the dirt by reading reviews on Yelp, BBB, and Glassdoor.

Plus, we checked out Ripoff Report to help you get the full picture.

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What we found is that Community Tax Services is one of the best tax relief companies out there. They have great reviews, though we found a few negative remarks, too.

Keep in mind there are two sides to every story. And if you go looking for complaints, that’s what you’ll find.

So here’s the good and the bad of what actual clients say about Community Tax.

Yelp Reviews of Community Tax Services

When people are looking for a wide variety of reviews, they usually start with Yelp. It’s a super-popular business directory where you can leave reviews for companies all over the world.

Overall, the comments about Community Tax Services on Yelp are good.

Take a look at these:

Mark in Massachusetts said:

Very helpful, they work hard to get your taxes squared away. Nora Hunt was awesome! She was pleasant and communicated with me all the time. Love working with community tax, would recommend to anyone.

Rick in Hawaii said:

Community Tax saved me thousands of dollars! It took a few years to resolve my back tax issues but it was well worth it. My agents were always very helpful in communicating with me through the entire process. I am so relieved and extremely grateful. Thank you VERY MUCH, keep up the GREAT work guys!

Community Tax Services is rated 3 out of 5 stars on Yelp.

Although there are dozens of happy clients, you’ll find a few 1-star reviews, too. 

For instance, Ivan from Illinois left a review saying he hired the company to resolve his situation with the IRS. He paid $500 but said he didn’t get the results he expected.

Ivan doesn’t say what his situation was or what he was expecting, but Community Tax was quick to respond and said they’d do whatever they could to help.

Remember that tax debt relief can be a complicated process. While a lot of people hope to have their tax debt reduced or wiped away completely, that isn’t always possible.

Quick Tip:

Once you start an installment plan, you will have a harder time qualifying for a debt reduction request later.  We recommend you speak to an expert to see if you qualify for tax relief first.

Make sure you communicate your expectations with the tax agent, and Community Tax will help you get the best outcome for your situation.

BBB Reviews of Community Tax Services

The Better Business Bureau is a common site for people to file complaints when they’re unhappy with a service. But out of the more than 170 reviews that Community Tax has on the BBB, an overwhelming majority of them are positive.

The company has 29 customer complaints, and the company has answered or resolved every single one of them.

On top of that, the BBB has accredited Community Tax since 2015 and gave them an A+ rating.

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Here’s what people are saying:

Elizabeth said:

I have nothing but positive feedback with Community Tax. The lawyers and case advocate, Christopher, was very thorough and proactive in making follow up phone calls on my case status. I am grateful for them and making my experience less stressful. I highly recommend Community Tax to anyone who has tax issues.

Jessie said:

I have just started with Community Tax and have nothing but good to say about them so far! Ryan has exceeded my expectations and I am excited to get this all behind me!

Bobby said:

Working with Community Tax has been such an anxiety-reducing experience. Working with my tax lawyers and my case advocate, Nancy, has eased what is naturally a stress-inducing experience. I'm forever thankful to them.

Of the dissatisfied customers, several of them were hoping for a reduction in their total tax debt owed. Keep in mind that tax debt forgiveness is one solution, but it isn’t guaranteed.

Offer in Compromise Mistakes:

Tax relief expert (and former IRS revenue officer) Jeffrey McNeal says when he processed offers, he saw tons of mistakes made on the forms, even when prepared by CPAs and enrolled agents!  So be sure to ask an expert for help.

One thing is sure: The company will stand with you to file unfiled taxes, stop wage garnishments, and take the weight of dealing with the IRS off your shoulders.

Glassdoor Reviews of Community Tax Services

How a company treats their employees can tell you a lot about the business. When looking at Community Tax Services, reading Glassdoor reviews can give you a sneak peek behind the scenes.

According to employees, Community Tax is a great place to work. Employee reviews rate the company 4.4 out of 5 stars, while 86% would recommend the employer to a friend.

Here’s what employees say working at Community Tax is like:

A Case Analyst said:

Everyone here is willing and wanting to help. There is an actual team environment. We have fun and get rewarded well for our efforts. You can be as successful as you want to be. They have a good salary and commission structure to ease you in while you learn and train.

A Tax Practitioner said:

The company goes out of its way to take care of the employees and they are constantly coming up with new innovative ways to say thank you.

If you have tax debt, give yourself a break.  8% of all U.S. taxpayers are delinquent.  

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Ripoff Report Reviews of Community Tax Services

Ripoff Report is a little controversial. The reviews are anonymous, requiring nothing more than an email address to leave your opinion.

We say it’s controversial because no one oversees or moderates the reviews. On the one hand, having an open place to air an opinion is a good thing. 

But with no one looking into any of the claims, there’s no way to tell if the reviews are real or not.

With that said, we could only find one Community Tax review on Ripoff Report. 

A review from 2015 claims:

Community Tax, I pay them $300.00 dollar to take care of my taxes and they told me to call IRS and tell them that I am filing hardship and that’s why I hire them but they want more money.

We’re not saying this review isn’t valid, but we do think it’s better to get your information from a more reputable site like the BBB.

Generally, most people are happy with the services they get from Community Tax.

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The Verdict: Is Community Tax Services Legit?

We’d never recommend a product that we didn’t believe in. 

But a lot of tax scams exist. You can never be too careful when hiring a tax debt relief company.

The reviews on BBB, Yelp, and Glassdoor are overwhelmingly positive. But there’s one more site to check: Trustpilot.

On Trustpilot, Community Tax has 4.5 stars, with 85% of reviewers giving them an “excellent” rating. 

That’s pretty amazing.

If you’re ready to get the help you need for your tax debt, Community Tax Services is an excellent choice.

They’ll connect you with a trained tax professional and deal with the IRS on your behalf. 

Tax relief isn’t instant. But Community Tax will stand with you until your situation is resolved.

Get a free second opinion!

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By Amy Beardsley

Amy is a personal finance expert and freelance writer and owner of Early Morning Money, She has bachelor degrees in business administration and legal studies, and her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Money Tips, and many other personal finance publications. 

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