Best Credit Improvement Tools (2020)

Best Credit Improvement Tools of 2020

We analyzed 41 companies to bring you the top 5 credit-boosting tools below.  You probably don't need to spend $100+ per month to hire a credit repair company.  The tools below can improve your score *50 to 100 points fast.

Our top 5, fast working, credit score boosters. 

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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Best Credit Improvement Tools 2020

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As Seen In:

As Featured In Forbes
As Featured in Debt


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(52,462 Reviews)

How It Works

How it Works:

Build your credit by shopping in Fingerhut's online store, similar to how you use Amazon.

Easy Steps to Start:


Apply for Fingerhut Credit

Free to apply


Shop from Fingerhut Store

Over 450,000 products from brands like Dyson, Sketchers, and Samsung


Make On-Time Payments

Grow your credit while making payments as low as $6.99 per month

What We Like:

  • Founded in 1948 and owned by Macy's
  • Millions of customers 
  • 34,478 5-Star Reviews on Trust Pilot
  • Credit Boost Speed: 30 Days
  • Estimated Credit Impact: *20 To 40 Points
  • ​Cost To Start: $0 ​

Our top pick for 

Fast Credit Improvement and Low Cost


​Credit Solution:  ​Credit Builder Loan

​How it works in 60 seconds

  • Speed: 60 Days
  • Estimated Credit Impact: ​15 To 30* Points
  • Cost To Start: ​Under $8.00 

Our top pick for 

Rent Payers


​Credit Solution:  ​Rent Reporting

​How it works in 60 seconds

  • Speed: 30 - 60 Days
  • Estimated Credit Impact: ​20 To 40* Points
  • Cost To Start: $10.00

Our top pick for

Investing a Bit In Your Credit


​Credit Solution:  Secured Credit Card

  • Speed: 30 Days
  • Estimated Credit Impact: ​20 To 50* Points
  • Cost To Start: $200 Deposit

Our top pick for 

No Credit, Few Credit Lines, or Low Limits


​Credit Solution:  ​Authorized User Tradeline

  • Speed: 30 Days
  • Estimated Credit Impact: ​40 To 100* Points
  • Cost To Start: $150.00

* All score improvements are estimates and will vary by individual.  The higher estimated credit score number is for someone with a thin credit file that is new to credit or has limited credit. The lower number is someone with a thicker credit file that has bad credit.