How to Get an 800 Credit Score (Infographic)

BREAKING NEWS: After a 10 year, exhaustive *study researching and interviewing 2000+ credit experts from all over the world, we at Credit Knocks have uncovered the previously hidden secret to growing your credit score to 800 and beyond.

Shout out to our professional design team for the detailed infographic.

The personal finance community was in an uproar over the landmark study.

We’ve been contacted for interviews by Nerd Wallet, Yahoo Finance, and Forbes.

Even *Dave Ramsey got in on the sharing:

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Credit repair specialists at Lexington Law were unavailable for comment on the landmark study.

*This is part of our satire in finance series. Not to be taken literally.  Dave Ramsey tweet generated by

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Increase Your Credit by 100+ Points

In a recent study at Credit Knocks, we found that *48% of clients who used a credit repair company got a credit score increase of 100+ points.

Consultation is quick, easy, and free.

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