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Free Section 609 Credit Dispute Letters: Samples, Templates & PDFs

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Are you tired of searching for free sample credit dispute letters only to end up reading a bunch of nonsense and not getting what you were after?  I was too! 

That’s why I created this free resource page!

Free Section 609 Credit Dispute Letters Samples Templates PDFs

It contains everything you need to do before sending a credit dispute letter, where to send it, and what to include in it.

But beware!

Smart consumers realize the best way to increase your credit score fast is with a mixture of credit repair (as you are doing with our dispute letters) while also using credit-improvement tools simultaneously.  Click here to get matched with the best credit-boosting tools.

I hope you have success with the free sample credit dispute letters below.

Free Section 609 Credit Dispute Letters

All of these free sample template pdf letters are the same. Click on any one of them to open the PDF file.

Feel free to copy and paste them or download them.

You may change them or use them exactly how they are written.

If you write one that has success, please email it to us, and we may add it to our list.

Insider Tips To Help In Your Dispute

All section 609 credit dispute letters should be sent certified mail to the credit bureau, creditor, or collection agency. It is a good idea to retain all documentation from certified mailings, correspondence, phone calls, and notes, throughout the entire process.

If you need help along the way, we recommend our friends at Sky Blue.

7 Most Common Errors Found In Credit Reports

"The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) reports that 76 percent of consumers who filed complaints about credit reporting stated that they had incorrect information on their credit reports."

This was according to Cento Law, a firm specializing in consumer rights advocacy such as credit reporting.

When you review your credit report, be sure to check every single detail very carefully because if it is wrong, that can be grounds for you to dispute the record and have it removed.

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Common Errors Found On Your Credit Report: 

  1. 1
    Account Number
  2. 2
    Creditor Name
  3. 3
    Date Account Was Opened
  4. 4
    Date Account Was Charged Off
  5. 5
    Payment History
  6. 6
    Names On Account
  7. 7

What To Put In Your Dispute Letter 

  • The Date
  • Your Full Name
  • Address (street, city, state, zip)
  • Date of Birth
  • Credit Bureau Contact Information
  • Disputed Account Name
  • Disputed Account Number
  • Description of Error (be brief)
  • Any Supporting Documentation (payment records, bank statements, court documents, etc.) 
  • Tell the credit bureau precisely what you want them to do (investigate, remove the record, etc.) 
  • Include a copy of your credit report with the error identified
  • Include a copy of our driver’s license or other government issued ID
  • Include a copy of your utility bill or a bill with your name and address to serve as a second form of ID

Equifax Dispute Address

Equifax Mailing Address

PO Box 7404256

Atlanta, GA 30374-0256

TransUnion Dispute Address

TransUnion Mailing Address:

PO Box 2000

Chester, PA 19022-2000

Experian Dispute Address

Experian Mailing Address:

PO Box 9701 

Allen, TX 75013

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