Experian Logins: How To Sign In To Every Experian.com Service

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By Amy Beardsley

Last updated 7/20/2020

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Summary: With so many services, finding the right Experian login isn’t always obvious. Here’s how to log in to every Experian.com service and what to do if you’re having issues signing in.

The right tools can make getting your credit on track a breeze. When reviewing your credit score, credit report, and identity theft protection, you want the best you can get.

So, why not go right to the source?

That’s right…

I’m talking about Experian.

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In a recent study at Credit Knocks, we found that *48% of clients who used a credit repair company got a credit score increase of 100+ points.

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Experian is one of the three major credit bureaus that compiles information about your borrowing habits.

And they have a tool for everything!

Here’s a peek inside every Experian service, including how to log in and where to find help if you’re having issues signing in.

Experian Logins: How To Sign In To Every Experian.com Service

Experian.com Login

Experian.com is the login site to use if you’re in the USA. It’s basically your one-stop-shop for free credit reports and scores.

Creating an account is free.

And once you do?

You’ll get access to your FICO Score, and that’s tough to find without handing over your credit card number.

How To Log Into Experian Boost

To give your credit score a little help, Experian introduced Experian Boost™ in early 2018. 

Did you know that 90% of lenders use FICO credit scores for underwriting decisions rather than the free scores you get from Credit Karma?  Learn more.

It works by reviewing the payments you’ve made to utility companies and adding that history to your credit report.

You can access it from your main Experian account or log in directly to Experian Boost™.

Want more info?

You got it!

Find out what is Experian Boost™ and how it works.

Experian Credit Score Login

Wondering how to find your credit scores? With Experian’s help, it’s easy-peasy.

Visit Experian’s free credit score login and sign up for a free account.

While you’re there, you’ll get access to your FICO score, which is the most popular type of credit score among lenders and credit card companies.

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Experian Credit Report Login

Signing in to Experian is a simple way to check your credit report. 

It’s a popular option because there’s no credit card required.

Check it out by going to the Experian credit report login site. If you already have a free Experian account, you can log in to review your report. 

Otherwise, creating an account is a cinch and takes less than a minute.

LEARN MORE:  Experian Credit Report: How To Get A Free Report and How to Use It!

IdentityWorks Login

IdentityWorks is an identity theft monitoring service. It detects changes on all three credit bureaus and scans over 600,000 pages on the dark web to see if your info was stolen.

If you haven’t been a victim of identity theft?

Consider yourself lucky! Studies show that it happens to 1 in 15 people.

But you don’t want to leave it to chance. Log in to IdentityWorks to start your protection.

Understanding FICO Scores

Did you know lenders pull different FICO scores when you apply for a car loan vs a home loan?  And yet another for credit cards?  And the scores can vary (a LOT!)  Learn more about your FICO credit scores in this guide.

IDnotify Login

IDnotify is a straightforward identity theft tool. It has internet surveillance, identity restoration, and access to expert support staff.

Want to know what else they offer?

Sign in to IDnotify here for the full list of credit monitoring and reporting benefits.

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Credit Tracker Login

When you log in to Credit Tracker, you get to see your credit report and review it for any errors.

This is a popular service because it also includes your credit report from all three credit bureaus - Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

And if you get stuck?

Credit Tracker comes with toll-free support, seven days a week.

CreditWorks Login

CreditWorks is your ticket to a better credit score. It opens the door to daily credit report and FICO Score updates, including your Auto, Home, and Bankcard scores. 

For how to log in, just click here to go to CreditWorks

The Basic account is free, and you can start right away. For in-depth theft monitoring and credit score tracking, a Premium account is only $4.99 for the first month.

But that’s not all.

A Premium account also unlocks up to $1 million in identity theft insurance for complete protection.

Experian Logins: How To Sign In To Every Experian.com Service

ProtectMyId Login

Experian partners with AAA to offer a credit and theft protection service with ProtectMyID

The best part?

Anyone can sign up - you don’t have to be an AAA member to use it.

ProtectMyID will give you quick results if your information is compromised by assigning you a dedicated Identity Theft Resolution Agent.

Online Login For Disputes

Experian has a dedicated dispute resolution center that makes reporting errors on your credit report easier than ever.

Go to the online dispute page to see everything you can do, including:

  • Start a new dispute online
  • Get instructions to dispute by mail
  • Check the status of your online dispute
  • See the results of a phone or mail dispute

Bonus: Get a free dispute letter template to fast-track your dispute by mail.

Experian Landlord Login

Landlord reporting lets you report your tenants’ rental payments. It’s part of Experian Connect, and it doesn’t cost you anything to sign up for an account.

It saves time by streamlining credit reporting and helps your tenants build a solid credit history.

Wondering how to log into Experian landlord reporting?

Check out this site for more information and to sign up for an account.

Experian Login Issues:  What to Do If You Need Help Signing In

Most of these services are easy to get to from your Experian.com login. Having these tools at your fingertips sure makes things easier!

But occasionally, you might hit a snag.

You might be experiencing  login issues.  If you get an error such as a loop or other problems with your Experian login not working, finding out how to contact support isn’t always obvious.

Luckily, we have a detailed Experian customer service and phone number guide for you for every Experian service.

But here's the most important number if you're getting an error.

Call 866-617-1894 if you’re having login issues with:

  • Experian membership
  • Experian Boost™
  • Experian credit score
  • Experian credit report
  • IdentityWorks
  • Credit Tracker
  • CreditWorks
  • ProtectMyId

IDnotify and Experian landlord login have separate numbers for customer service.  Here’s how to contact them:

  • IDnotify: (888) 280-6971
  • Experian landlord: 714-830-7000

As you can see, Experian has a full suite of options to protect your identity and monitor your credit history.

Keep in mind that most of these services are free, though some have a fee. Check them out and call support if you have any issues signing in.

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