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Credit Secrets Book Review 2019

How To Erase Bad Credit

I have heard a lot of hype about the Larry-King-endorsed Credit Secrets Book by Scott and Allison Hilton which is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Smart Money Secret Book’ or the ‘Secret 11 Words Book’. 

Everything I have read and reviewed was so over the top positive that it made me start to wonder if it was just too good to be true. 

But, here’s the thing... 

Credit Secrets Book Review

The hype is real! 

If you know anything about the credit repair industry, then you know my reservations and concerns about a scam were understandable. 

The industry has a long, deserved shady reputation for using questionable practices to temporarily increase your credit score at expensive costs.

Only to have your original credit score dramatically lower once you stop paying for the repair services.

Inside the review, you are going to find that the smart money secrets given throughout this DIY credit repair book are much more than a temporary credit fix but more of a credit lesson that you can take advantage of for the rest of your life. 

What Is The Credit Secrets Book And The Smart Money Secret Letters?

As I reviewed Credit Secrets by Scott and Allison Hilton, I quickly realized it was much more than just a do it yourself (DIY) credit repair letters book. 

Maybe you have seen the tremendous success people are reporting from sending the suggested letters in this book to creditors and the three major credit bureaus.

But I don’t think that’s the best part of the smart money secrets book in review.

This is way more than just a book on Credit Secrets with DIY credit repair letters included. 

Credit Secrets Reviews much more than just smart money secrets 11 words and how to send letters to creditors, this is a complete DO IT YOURSELF CREDIT REPAIR KIT.

As I reviewed Credit Secrets by Scott and Allison Hilton, I quickly realized it was much more than just a do it yourself (DIY) credit repair letters book.

Maybe you have seen the tremendous success people are reporting from sending the suggested letters in this book to creditors and the three major credit bureaus.

But I don’t think that’s the best part of the smart money secrets book in review. 

This is way more than just a book on Credit Secrets with DIY credit repair letters included.

Credit Secrets Reviews much more than just smart money secrets 11 words and how to send letters to creditors, this is a complete DO IT YOURSELF CREDIT REPAIR KIT.

In the first Chapter, Scott and Allison (her name is actually spelled Alison, but everyone on the internet spells it with two ‘L’s) take a lot of time explaining how your credit works, how to analyze your credit report, how the credit bureaus work and most importantly, the laws protecting your rights and governing the creditors.

What you come away with after reviewing the first chapter of Credit Secrets is a very comprehensive and especially effective strategy to take on creditors and the credit bureaus.

For instance...

One section discusses the importance of keeping your address updated on your credit reports and why you should have all of your past addresses removed from the three big Credit Agencies (CA). 

This is because when creditors send in negative account information about you, the address included must match your address exactly. Or, when the CA attempts to verify the record it will not match and can be removed for this reason.  

If you only have one address in your file, the likelihood that the address provided by the creditor is much higher to be wrong than if you have multiple addresses in your file including all the common spelling variations. 

Not only do they lay out some very sound strategies like the one above, but they also provide sample letters to send to the credit bureaus to have your old addresses removed.

This book is full of sound legal credit secret loopholes, like how to keep your address updated at Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

The meat of the book is definitely their DIY credit repair letters.

They provide you with sample letters to be sent to your creditors and the credit bureaus that can cause them to have to remove derogatory reports or act in a way that benefits you.

Pay special attention to the following topics and letters found in Credit Secrets because the advice within each of these sections can quickly increase your credit score: 

  • Delinquencies
  • Student loans
  • Charge offs
  • Tax liens
  • Late payments
  • Collections
  • Repossessions
  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • ChexSystems
  • Small claims court

Is The Credit Secrets Book Legit Or Is Smart Money Secret A Scam?

The question of if this book is legit or if the Smart Money Secret is a scam is a good one.

Again, in the credit repair space, you have to be suspicious and careful with the products and companies you choose.

I will admit, some of the stories and testimonials in the book and on their promotional websites are not believable.

For instance, there was a story about an unemployed actor who through using the smart money secret 11 words with his creditors and sending the do it yourself credit repair letters was able to purchase a Maserati in like a couple of months. 

They fail to explain how an out of work actor got the money to purchase a 100k Maserati or how a creditor would ever approve a loan of that size for someone without a job, but I think their point was that his credit was good enough to qualify for a large auto loan.

You will see a few examples of them stretching their testimonials truth because I think their story is better if the actor buys the Maserati than if the guy can just qualify for one.

Here’s the deal... 

credit secrets book review smart money secret scam

It’s hard to come up with great testimonials for people with bad credit because they don’t have a lot of money or buying power and are just trying to find financial freedom. 

Most testimonials, say, ‘My credit score increased 100 points in 30 days!’ which is excellent but not as cool as I bought a Maserati 90 days after reading Credit Secret Smart Money.

I think that Scott, Allison, and Jay want you to be successful and try doing this by overly selling their credit repair kit they believe so much in.

Does this make the smart money secrets a scam or illegitimatize the credit secrets book?

No, I do not believe so.

As a former attorney, I feel like the strategies advocated in this book are legal and exploit credit repair loopholes and protections the government has given you.

Do some people see this type of practice as a scam or somehow not legal? 

Maybe, but those same people probably have 750, 800, or 850 credit scores and nothing better to do than judge those of us not as worthy as them. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The Credit Secrets book reviewed cost $39.99 plus taxes and shipping and handling... if you don’t wait on the purchase page for a few minutes.

What do you mean, you may ask?

Well, if you sit on the checkout page and not check out, after a few seconds, a button will pop up asking you if you want to buy the book.

Click on the button, and you will not have to pay for shipping and handling.

In fact, I’d suggest you decline to purchase any of the add-on products in the initial offering because the next page will offer the same product but for cheaper if you pass the first time. 

Looking for FREE sample credit dispute letters?

There are additional upgrades such as the Automator DIY credit repair letter writer which will automatically format all of the letters to your creditors and the credit bureaus.

Just add your account information and press print!

I think this upgrade makes a lot of sense, and it only costs a few more dollars.

I did not sign up for the guaranteed $10,000 credit limit offer because I think they are selling Tradelines and you can get them cheaper by going to Tradeline Supply Company.

They also offered an additional ebook about how to qualify for a real estate mortgage and buy a house that I did not purchase. 

How Do I Order?

You can order the Credit Secrets by Scott and Allison Hilton on their website only.

You cannot purchase Credit Secrets on Amazon or anywhere else online.

By clicking the below link and you will gain access to one of the best DIY credit repair ebooks and software available on the internet.

​Buy credit secrets now!

Upon completion of your purchase, they will send you a hard copy of the book, and you will be given immediate access to a link for the Credit Secrets Book PDF file.

Be sure to complete the tutorial on the do it yourself credit repair software so you will be familiar with all of the tools they offer. 

Can I Cancel And Get My Money Back?

The Larry King Credit Secrets endorsed book by Scott and Allison Hilton has an excellent cancellation policy with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

There is a 100%, no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee.

To cancel your order and receive all of your money back for FREE, all you need to do is email the Credit Secrets customer service team within 30 days of your purchase that you would like to cancel and your money will be refunded. 

They won't even make you send back your Credit Secrets PDF file! 

Alternative Ways To Quickly Improve Your Credit Score

DIY Credit Repair is a lot of work, and some of the letters you send will not have the effect that you want.

One alternative to consider is hiring a great company like ​The Credit Pros to help you fix your credit and improve your credit score.

The other alternative is to take steps to build your credit and create a responsible, positive credit history.

There are a few quick ways you can start building credit, such as being added as an authorized user to a credit card, purchasing a credit builder loan, or getting an online store catalog credit card. 

Authorized User

You can be added to another person's credit card as an authorized user, with no credit check, and start building credit history.

When added as an authorized user, the primary owner of the credit card will be responsible for any charges you make on the credit card, but the history of their credit card account will be reported on your account, too.

To learn more about becoming an authorized user, click here!

Credit Builder Loan

The name says it all, right!

Your local credit union or bank sometimes offer Credit Builder Loans, but most people purchase them online directly from Self Lender.

There is no credit check, and so long as you haven’t had a problem with ChexSystems in the past 90 days, you should be automatically approved.

You choose the loan amount and payment terms, which usually are between $500 and $2000 for a term of a year or two.

After making all of your payments to the lender, they will disperse the total amount of the loan proceeds to you, less any charges.

This is an installment loan, and the payments will be reported monthly to all three of the credit bureaus, helping build your credit in multiple relevant categories. 

Online Store Catalog Credit Card

Another excellent credit building tool is to get a Catalog Credit Card from Fingerhut online.

You will not get a physical credit card, but you will have access to use your credit on Fingerhut's online store with thousands of everyday items to choose from.

They have a great program for people with bad credit to help the qualify called FreshStart, for people who have really bad credit.

I qualified for a $1,000 unsecured credit line with a credit score of around 500 when I applied, so this is a good place to get a loan and start building credit. 

Take Action!

Repair and building credit can be jump started in the first 90 days resulting in 100+ credit score gains.

But, true credit building is a lifelong commitment that takes time and dedication. 

The first step is to repair your credit report, and Credit Secrets Reviews precisely how to go about doing just that.

As you repair your financial records, it will become time to start building credit. 

Credit Knocks has a proven way to start that process, take our Free Credit Action Plan today to get your personalized steps now!

Also, if you would like to follow My Journey to a 700 Credit Score, you can start by clicking here.

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