How To Stop Credence Resource Management And Restore Your Credit

By Chonce Maddox

Last updated 6/25/2020

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Summary: Credence Resource Management does not always play fair when trying to collect a debt. Find out how to exercise your consumer rights and get this company removed from your credit report

Seeing a collection from Credence Resource Management on your credit report can lead to stress and uncertainty.

On top of that, collection agencies like Credence Resource Management LLC are well known for harassing customers with calls.

When a collection account occurs on your credit, it’s likely because you forgot to pay a bill. Your credit score can drop as much as 100 points as a result.

The aggressive tactics Credence Resources Management uses to attempt to collect your debt does not help the situation at all either. 

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When dealing with a collections company, it’s important to understand your rights as a consumer and how to combat intimidation tactics.

If you’re looking for a way to stop calls and remove Credence Resource Management from your credit report for good, keep reading.

What Is Credence Resource Management?

This may be your first question when a supposed debt collector starts calling you out of the blue. It may or may not put your mind at ease to know that Credence Resource Management is a legitimate company.

They’ve been in business since 3013 and have an accredited B rating with the Better Business Bureau. Credence Resource Management is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and specializes in collecting debts for healthcare, telecommunication, insurance, utility service, and retail accounts.

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They have a working telephone number and multiple forms of contact listed on their website

In the past 3 years, they’ve received over 400 complaints on their BBB listing which should definitely raise some red flags.

Credence Resource Management Scam

While I did just explain how Credence Resource Management is a legitimate company, this still doesn’t mean consumers are free from encountering a Credence Resource Management scam.

It’s not uncommon for debt collection scammers to come out of the woodwork and claim they represent a well-known company. 

It’s important to make sure you’re talking to an actual representative from Credence Resource Management if you are trying to get more information about the debt they say you owe.

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I added their contact information below for reference. 

17000 Dallas Parkway #204

Dallas, TX 75248

Toll-free numbers

  • Customer care - (855) 880-4791
  • Disputes and Complaints - (855) 880-4792

That said, I’ve also seen situations where Credit Resource Management called a consumer to collect a debt that wasn’t theirs. There have been claims that Credit Resource Management doesn’t do their due diligence when initially validating a person’s debt.

Instead, they continue making calls and pressuring consumers to pay when the debt may not even be valid. 

If you have a common name, you may get calls from collection companies from time to time about a debt that you are positive you don’t owe. This may cause you to think Credence Resource Management is a scam.

If you’re pretty sure you don’t owe the debt this company is calling you about, be sure to call the original creditor to check and confirm. I will also be sharing some keys steps to take to get Credence Resource Management to validate the debt below.

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Why Is Credence Resource Management LLC Calling Me Constantly?

Is Credence Resource Management calling you day and night? Frequent calls from a debt collector are disruptive and may do more harm than good.

The best way to get Credence Resource Management to stop calling is to know and exercise your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

The Federal Trade Commission enforces the FDCPA which states that a debt collector:

  • Can only contact you after 8 am and before 9 pm

  • Can’t lie to you about your debt or threaten you 

  • Can’t claim you’ll be arrested or that legal action will be taken against you if it’s not true

  • Can’t try to collect fees, interest, or other charges on top of what you already owe

  • Can’t repeatedly use the phone to annoy you or discuss your debt with anyone other than you or a spouse

  • Can’t call you at work if your employer doesn’t allow the calls

It’s important to make sure Credence Resource Management is following these rules and complying with the FDCPA. Another important rule you need to know is that a debt collection must stop calling you if you request that they only communicate with you in writing by mail. 

credence resource management llc

Doing so can provide you some relief for the moment, but it will not help stop Credence Resource Management from trying to collect your debt or even possibly taking legal action against you in the future if you don’t communicate with the company.

How To Remove Credence Resource Management From Your Credit Report

If Credence Resource Management LLC is on your credit report, stopping their calls is not enough if you want to protect your credit score. 

You’ll need to explore your options in possibly removing Credence Resource Management from your report. It’s important to understand that paying off your balance with them won’t help your credit and this collection company can remain on your credit report for up to 7 years.

Here’s what you’ll have to do if you want to remove Credence Resource Management from your credit report.

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Send A Debt Validation Letter

The first step is to get Credence Resource Management to validate the debt to prove that it’s yours and confirm the amount. You need to send a debt validation letter or what’s called a 609 letter. 

It’s crucial that you make sure the debt is actually yours and that the company can prove it. Feel free to use one of our debt validation letter templates and mail your letter by certified mail to 17000 Dallas Parkway #204 Dallas, TX 75248.

Credence Resource Management should respond within 30 days.

Dispute Any Inaccurate Information

Put the pressure on Credence Resource Management LLC to provide accurate documentation to prove the debt is yours and it was sold to them from the original creditor. If they can’t validate your debt or made an error when reporting it, you should dispute the negative mark on your credit. 

Collection agencies make mistakes all the time. If they have no solid evidence, you have a right to dispute the collection and get it removed from your credit report. 

Be sure to file a dispute with all three major credit bureaus since they work independently of each other. Stay organized and follow up consistently to make sure your dispute goes through and there’s a timely response.

Negotiate A Pay For Delete

Let’s say the debt actually does get validating and proven to be yours. Your next focus should be negotiating a pay for delete agreement. Just as it sounds, with a pay for delete agreement you’d agree to pay a certain amount on the debt to close out the balance. 

In return, Credence Resource Management would remove the collection from your credit report. Not all collection agencies will do a pay for delete agreement but you never know until you present it to them. Make sure to get confirmation in writing and consider getting help from a credit repair company if you don’t want to figure it out on your own. 

Credit repair companies have experience and expertise in this area and may be able to negotiate a better pay for delete agreement for you. You also need to use specific words when negotiating and making your request so you may find it better to work with a professional for the best results. 

Credence Resource Management Lawsuit

It is illegal for a debt collection company to make empty threats to sue you or garnish your wages. However, they can legally attempt to do these things if they think it’s necessary. If Credence Resource Management can’t validate your debt, it’s unlikely that they will try to sue you. 

If they can validate your debt and you don’t make any efforts to communicate or start paying back the balance, they could try to sue you to get the money. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you must respond and show up to court if you are sued by a debt collector. It would also be wise to get a lawyer in that situation.

If you ignore the lawsuit and don’t go to court, a judgment can be filed against you which would allow the collection agency to garnish your wages.

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On the flip side, you can also sue a collections agency. If the company is violating laws laid out by the FDCPA or harassing you with phone calls. You can also recover up to $1,000 in statutory damages, court costs, and attorney fees.

In 2017, a New York consumer put her name on a class action lawsuit claiming that Credence Resource Management tried to collect an expired debt. Credence Resource Management has also been known to attempt to collect debt that was already paid or inaccurate. This is also grounds to sue the company. Some lawyers provide fee-free lawsuit representation to help you in a situation like this.

Get Rid Of Credence Resource Management

I hope this Credence Resource Management review helped you understand more about how this company operates along with how to get them off your back. Realize you’ll need to be proactive when it comes to getting the collection account removed from your credit report. 

Use the FDCPA regulations to your benefit and pressure Credence Resource Management to validate your debt. Also, consider working with a trusted credit repair company if you need help with taking action and negotiating a pay for delete agreement.

*Study found 48% of professional credit repair clients who stuck with their service for 6+ months saw an average of 100+ points to their credit score.  Source.

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