Comenity Bank Review: Issuer Of High-Interest Retail Store Credit Cards

By Mark Huntley, J.D.

Real estate investor, lawyer, personal finance writer, and Co-Founder of Credit Knocks

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Comenity Bank and Comenity Capital Bank partner issue store credit cards for more than 145 retailers in the world.

Approval Speed

Within in minutes.


Very high APR's. 


Card can only be used to make purchases from retailer. 


Poor customer support reviews. 

    Credit Knocks Overall Star Rating:     

  • Multiple Retailer Cards
  • Fair Credit Scores, OK
  • Higher APR Rates
  • Limited Card Use


Comenity Bank issues credit cards to over 145 retailer partners customers for store purchases. 

Together with their retailer partners they provide credit to store customers to purchase various retail items. 

Comenity Bank's credit cards can only be used for purchasing products from the specific retailer that the card is issued for. 

The Comenity Capital Bank stable of credit cards have a horrible reputation for closing accounts if you do not keep a balance on the card which kills your credit score. 

It is also heavily reported by customers that they do not offer auto payments or complimentary reminders of upcoming due dates which causes many unnecessary late fees to be charged. 

We have included many Comenity Bank Reviews that really paint a picture of a for profit corporation doing every sleazy thing possible to maximize its profits out of your checkbook.  

I've written this Comenity Bank  Review so that you can better understand who Comenity Bank is and why you should avoid their retail store credit cards. 


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Who Is Comenity Bank? 

Comenity Bank or Comenity Capital Bank are owned by Alliance Data and togehter provide over 50 million Americans with retail credit cards. 

Alliance Data Systems Corporation is the parent company of both Comenity Bank and Comenity Capital Bank, who provides customer loyalty programs and marketing services, such as private label credit cards. 


Comenity Bank Retail Store Card Partnerships: 

Comenity Bank provides a credit partnership with a number of top retail brands. 

See the extensive list below to finally answer, 'What stores bank with Comenity Bank?'

Comenity Bank Reviews

Comenity Bank and Comenity Capital Bank customer reviews leave a lot to be desired. 

It appears Comenity Capital Bank preys on their customers to maximize their profits with little regard for the customers they are exploiting. 

The main complaints we found in the reviews were that if you have a zero balance they will close your account without notice. 


A closed credit account can be very damaging to your credit score as it is a red flag to other lenders that maybe something is wrong. 

In addition, a closed account will hurt the amount of revolving credit available to you which will lower your credit utilization ratio which accounts for 35% of your FICO credit score. 

But it gets worse, when you close an account it also hurts your credit histories age, as that account is not longer included in the calculation. 


Even if you plan on keeping a balance on your Comenity retail store card you will not have access to an autopay function on their customer dashboard nor receive any helpful payment reminders. 

The general sense is that Comenity Bank and Comenity Capital Bank want you to max out their credit card so that they can charge you extremely high APR rates and then late fees on top of that. 

Buyer beware...

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Comenity Bank BBB Review

The Comenity Bank BBB customer complaints and reviews pretty much mirror the same reviews as above. 

However, we can see that there are an extremely high number of documented and unresolved complaints filed at the Better Business Bureau against Comenity Bank. 


There are over 881 complaints against Comenity Bank in the past year on the BBB website.

Doing the math to the 2,488 complaints Comenity Bank BBB customers have on average complained over 800 times a year. 

These complaints fall on deaf and uncaring ears, as you can see with their BBB rating of D- for their lack of attempting to resolve these issues.  

We review many credit card companies and issuers and the shear number and consistency of the same complaints raises all sorts of red flags as a purchaser. 


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  1. They have the worst customer service, will not work with you and over all it is my opinion they crooks. I will never have any kind of dealings with them and I suggest to everyone not to do so.

  2. Comenity Bank customer service is rude on the phone and ends the call when you ask to speak with a supervisor…They are lazy and careless in their recordkeeping and when I wrote to the HQ in Columbus their responce was I had to pay for them to research my complaint…

  3. Poor customer service and high fees. They will not work with you at all and do not care about their customers.

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