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A Simple, 3-Step Blueprint to Improve Your Credit by 50-100 Points in 90 Days, for Individuals with Bad Credit.

Most of us have been in a situation where we obtained some credit only to end up completely destroying it. 

We only ruined our credit because we either didn't know anything about it or we just hit rough times. 

Either way, the road to fixing it and making things right seems extremely difficult to navigate. 

But hear me out: 

We understand what it feels like to have bad credit, and we also understand how it feels when you take yourself from bad credit to good credit. 

That is why we created the 90 Day Credit Sprint, so that you can take the right path to rebuilding your credit and re-gain your buying power. 

Just follow our 3 step process below to get things up and running and to increase your score by 50 - 100 points with in 90 days.

90 Day Credit Sprint for Bad Credit


Dust The Doormat

Pay down balances & dispute errors on your credit reports

When it comes to improving your credit, the first thing you must do is start the process of cleaning it up (dusting it off). 

This includes disputing every item on your credit report that is incorrect, if it looks incorrect, or you even think it is incorrect, you should dispute it.

Things like the incorrect spelling of your name, all the way to the balance on an account being wrong.

You also need to start paying down balances to lower your debt to credit ratio and if you haven't been doing so, start paying your bills on time.  

In order to start this process you need to get a copy of all 3 credit reports. 

If you need more information about Credit Reports and how they work, then check out our Definitive Guide To Credit Reports.

Time is of the essence when it comes to building a strong credit profile so don't wait, below is the first step you need to take for your 90 Day Credit Sprint. 

Step 1 Action Item(s):


Turn the Hidden Key

Establish new, positive lines of credit and pay on-time monthly

You might be scratching your head and wondering why you need to establish new credit and how you can go about doing it.

Outside of cleaning up your credit report, a hidden key that most people forget about is that  you must also establish new, and positive lines of credit that show on-time payments in order to start increasing your credit score.  

You want to make sure that while you are dusting your credit off, you are also rebuilding it with a positive and sturdy foundation.

The best thing about establishing this new credit is that there are several companies that make the process very simple and you have plenty of options with either a merchandise account, a credit builder loan, or a secured credit card, we recommend going with all of them if you can.

If you don't know exactly how these products work then you can check our Definitive Guide To Credit Builder Loans or read our Definitive Guide To Secured Credit Cards.

Again, time is of the essence when it comes to building a strong credit profile so don't wait, below is the second step you need to take for your 90 Day Credit Sprint. *

Step 2 Action Item(s): 


Guard the Door

Monitor your credit and protect it from inaccuracies

The Final step in this process is going to be to Guard The Door or Hold The Door (GOT Pun Intended).  

When it comes to credit, the worst thing you can do is set it and forget it, you need to be constantly monitoring it for updates and changes. 

If you submitted disputes, you need to know the results of that dispute, if something was supposed to drop off your credit, you need to make sure it happens.  You need to protect yourself from data breaches and from people just doing plain old identity theft. 

You should be monitoring your credit daily if you are serious about rebuilding it and growing it.  

If you don't know exactly how credit monitoring works then you can check our Definitive Guide To Credit Monitoring.

It is imperative that you don't move slow when trying to rebuild your credit, below is the third and final step you need to take for your 90 Day Credit Sprint. 

Step 3 Action Item(s):

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