Why Credit Knocks™

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If you are one of the 100 million Americans with no credit or bad credit, then you are in the right place! 

Traditionally, people in the U.S. with no credit or bad credit have been ignored and under-served.

The problem you had (past tense), is that most 'Build Your Credit' websites can't make as much money from you, as they can from people with good credit. 

The main reason is because you  won't qualify for most of the credit cards and loans they are trying to sell you.

But worse,  their 'Build Your Credit' advice is NOT written for you and won't apply to you or could even be downright bad for you (those bastards).

Credit Knocks Advice You Can Trust

Credit Knocks is written primarily for people with sub-prime credit scores under 670. 

Finally, a 'Build Your Credit' website written for you that gives you ADVICE YOU CAN TRUST

Credit Knocks believes every American deserves to have better credit!

Check out our top credit-building tools to increase your credit as much as 100 points. 

Good credit equals opportunity, and it is knocking.

Open the door! 

What our customers are saying...

Amy T. -  Pensacola, Florida

You don't know, what you don't know...I now know how to improve my credit score!

Jamel F. - Detroit, Michigan

My credit score was really bad but after finishing the 90 day credit sprint I qualified for a new credit card!

Maria R. - Phoenix, Arizona

I increased my credit score 137 points in only 5 months by following the Credit Knocks plans!

Meet Our Team

Chris Huntley - Co-Founder

When I was 21, I was humiliated when I was declined for a $6500 car loan on a used Nissan Maxima.  Although I was earning good money, getting straight A's in college, and had saved up a massive $10,000 down payment, I was flat-out declined because I had no credit history!  Fast forward to 2019 when I walked into that same Nissan dealership and bought a brand new, $70,000 Armada with ZERO down payment, because of my great credit.  No one should

chris huntley co-founder  credit knocks

have to feel the shame of being denied a loan due to bad credit or lack of credit history.  I'm here to share what I've learned along the way. Chris Huntley's LinkedIn Profile

Credit Consultants Association Member Badge

Chris Huntley is a member of the Credit Consultants Association and Board Certified Credit Consultant.

Sa El - Co-Founder

When I was around 20 I attempted to get cell phone service with Sprint, only to be told that I already had 2 phones with them and that my bill was late.  I was extremely confused because I didn't have the phones, wasn't even aware if I could qualify, so my confusion became anger very fast.  Sprint verified the address on-file and I realized my identity had been stolen.

I filed an investigation with sprint and they were able to remove my account from my credit and internally.


This happened because I wasn't monitoring my credit and didn't even know what credit was at the time. Identity theft is the worst feeling in the world and it is definitely worse when it is a family member. No one should feel the shame or embarrassment that comes with not monitoring your credit.  I want to share with you everything I learned about building credit since this incident and how to protect your credit. 

Mark Huntley - Co-Founder

In college, I did everything wrong with my credit. I applied for every student credit card offer I received. I didn't pay my bills on time. I didn't really know what a credit score was until I tried to purchase my first car and was denied. I had too much credit card debt and a poor payment history. Basically, I had bad credit. Eventually, I figured it out and had a credit score near 800. 

Mark B Huntley Headshot

 I hope to be able to better relate with you by channeling my life experiences and knowledge from my credit score roller coaster.  Mark Huntley Media Bio.