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Increasing Credit Score

Opportunity Knocks

A good credit score can be the difference between buying a Honda Civic and a BMW.  It can help you buy a bigger home in the right neighborhood, with good schools, instead of that house you'd settle for.  

It's easy to achieve high credit scores if you have a step-by-step blueprint.  Let us match you with the perfect credit-building tools at Credit Knocks™ today!

The Real Cost of Bad Credit

If you are one of the 100 million Americans with bad or low credit, you may struggle to rent an apartment, qualify for a mortgage, get a credit card, or a car loan.  (Heck, even a cell phone!)

This is absolutely unnecessary & preventable, and we won't stand for it!  No one should feel the sting of being rejected for a loan or be denied an apartment rental due to credit.

The problem is most “build your credit” websites completely ignore you, because they can’t make money off you (Bad credit = not qualifying for the credit cards and loans they want to sell you).

Our goal at Credit Knocks is to help you qualify for and afford life’s most important necessities.

Good credit equals opportunity, and it’s knocking.  Get your free action plan now, and open the door to better credit.

Credit Action Steps

Credit Knocks' Featured Reviews

best credit repair

Our Top Recommended Credit Repair Companies

We review a lot of credit repair companies at Credit Knocks.  Some have proven they can wipe out late payments and collections from companies like Medicredit and MRS Associates, while others are not so great.  You can find all of your answers in our Credit Repair FAQs index.  If you have collection companies calling and harassing you, a good resource to start with is our List of US Collection Companies

Find out which companies make our top 5 list based on price and consumer reviews:  Best Credit Repair Companies of 2021 Guide.

Best Credit Improvement Tools 2021

Our Best Credit Improvement Tools

Learn about our top tools to help build credit on your own, some of which are lesser-known.  Our Fingerhut online catalog review is generally our most recommended tool.  If you need a quick credit score boost you may want to purchase an authorized user Tradeline. People who are new to credit and looking to improve their credit history should learn about credit builder loans by Self and rent reporting.  Checkout our Credit Building FAQs and Reviews and Common Credit 101 FAQs for more information. 

Let us match you with the perfect tool based on how quickly you need credit improvement and by how many points:  Best Credit Building Tools of 2021

best auto loan companies

Our Top Recommended Auto Lenders

The "best" auto lender depends a lot on the situation.  If you have a credit score in the 650 to 659 range, we'll likely recommend a different lender than if you have a 700 to 710 credit score.  A refinance for a used vehicle is also different than a new car loan. You can find out what rate you will qualify for by reading our  best rates by credit score article. 

Find out our top 5 companies based on your credit score, the type of loan you need, best rates, and consumer reviews:  Best Auto Lenders of 2021 Guide.

best personal loan companies of 2019 personal loans reviews

Our Highest Ranked Personal Loan Lenders

The "best" personal loan lender depends a lot on the purpose of the loan.  If you have a credit score in the 650 to 659 range, we'll likely recommend a different lender than if you have a 700 to 710  credit score because of lenders risk tolerances.  A personal loan to make an improvement on your house may get you a different rate than one to consolidate credit card debt. We even have relationships with lenders who specialize in Christmas Loans for bad credit.  You can find out what rate you will qualify for NO MATTER YOUR CREDIT SCORE by reading our  best rates by credit score article. 

Find out our top 5 companies based on your credit score, the type of loan you need, best rates, and consumer reviews:  Best Personal Loan Lenders of 2021 Guide.

Best Secured Credit Cards without a Credit Check

Our Best Secured Credit Cards For Bad Credit

The "best" secured credit card depends on how you intend to use it. People who intend on using their secured credit card more often should look for a lower APR option. However, if you are simply getting the card for credit building reasons and don't intend on using it, a card with no annual fee makes more sense. Learn more in our Best Secured Credit Card Reviews article. Not sure what credit card you will qualify for? Check out our Best Credit Cards By Credit Score article to help you find out! I doesn't matter whether you have a 550 credit card credit score, 600 credit card credit score, 650 credit card credit score, or 700 credit card credit score, we include a list of the best credit cards by your FICO score. Capital one offers a wide variety of credit cards with multiple perks and rewards, you can read about the best Capital One credit cards in our review. 

best tax relief companies

Our Best Tax Relief Companies

When you have a problem with the IRS you want only the best tax relief company! Our tax relief reviews include top tax debt companies Optima Tax Relief and Anthem Tax Services. Learn the best tax relief options based on if you owe $10,000, $25,000, or $50,000 in unpaid back taxes. We review the costs of Optima Tax Services and how to settle a 2, 3, or 4-year-old IRS tax debt.

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Best Bank & Credit Union Reviews

With 1,000's of Banks and Credit Unions across the U.S., sometimes it can be tough to decide which one is best for you. Check out our Bank & Credit Union Reviews and Credit Union Reviews before you decide who to trust.

* All score improvements are estimates and vary by individual.