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- danielle P., Glendale AZ

Credit Knocks 90 Day Credit Sprint

90 day credit sprint ™

A proven blueprint to boost your score 100+ points fast.

Credit Advice You Can Trust

Advice you can trust

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power In your pocket

You'll feel confidence and earn respect with purchasing power.

Opportunity Knocks

A good credit score can be the difference between buying a Honda Civic and a BMW.  It can help you buy a bigger home in the right neighborhood, with good schools, instead of that house you'd settle for.  

It's easy to achieve high credit scores if you have a step-by-step blueprint.  Get started with your free credit action plan from Credit Knocks today!

The Real Cost of Bad Credit

If you are one of the 100 million Americans with bad or low credit, you may struggle to rent an apartment, qualify for a mortgage, get a credit card, or a car loan.  (Heck, even a cell phone!)

This is absolutely unnecessary & preventable, and we won't stand for it!  No one should feel the sting of being rejected for a loan or be denied an apartment rental due to credit.

The problem is most “build your credit” websites completely ignore you, because they can’t make money off you (Bad credit = not qualifying for the credit cards and loans they want to sell you).

Our goal at Credit Knocks is to help you qualify for and afford life’s most important necessities.

Good credit equals opportunity, and it’s knocking.  Get your free action plan now, and open the door to better credit.

Credit Action Steps

* All score improvements are estimates and vary by individual.